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SACE Emax 2

From circuit breaker to power manager

SACE Emax 2 air circuit breakers up to 6300A have been designed to increase efficiency. It is the only breaker that protects electrical circuits and also reduces energy consumption based on the user's needs, therefore leading to massive reductions in energy waste.

The breaker contains a protection trip relay with an integrated power controller that measures and evaluates energy consumption, managing the loads to maintain or reduce the peak power usage.

  • Efficiency and control
    Exclusive load management to reduce power absorption up to 20% and reduce energy bills. Embedded multimeters with measurement to 0.5% Voltage, 1% Current and 2% Power, to monitor even from afar.
  • Connectivity
    Complete integration into smart grids, buildings and industrial plants is possible. Up to 30% time savings for wiring connections.
  • Performance
    Four sizes are available. Compact dimensions and high performance. Up to a 25% cost savings in both footprint and copper.
  • Ease of use and safety
    Productivity is increased while all stages, from design to daily operations, are simplified. Up to 15% time savings for terminal connection installation. Unique alarm tracking and network analyzer for the best continuity of service.

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