ABB MarineCare service agreement

When predictability is key. Our modular service agreements provide ship-owners the capability to predict long-term maintenance costs and cash-flow.

By concentrating on performing the right tasks in a planned sequence, the result is an improvement in equipment reliability. Systematic planning increases the efficiency of site visits by performing the appropriate tasks, at the appropriate time, based on the equipment life-cycle status.
Challenge of estimating cost of maintenance

The cost of maintenance usually fluctuate along the years, which makes it difficult to estimate the costs for coming years.

Bring predictability to maintenance costs

A service agreement enables ship owners to have a fixed, planned annual maintenance cost throughout the contract. It provides long-term cost savings through optimized maintenance plan and less admin work.


Key benefits of a service agreement

Safety and Security
Optimized Uptime
Peace of mind
Lifecycle Management

Service modules adapted to diverse business needs

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