When you want full control of the equipment's lifecycle. Through condition-based maintenance and expertise in the generation, distribution and propulsion systems, we balance the cost of maintenance with the risk of failure. Whether it is at dry-docking or loading/unloading cargo, we offer maintenance services that best fit the vessel's schedule.

Condition monitoring

Bring predictability to maintenance

By measuring mechanical and electrical condition of the power plant, automation and propulsion system, we observe trends and plan a long term upgrade/retrofit program. This enables our customers to predict their long-term maintenance budget for an individual vessel or an entire fleet.

Increase flexibility through condition-based maintenance

Through condition monitoring, ship managers have more flexibility to schedule maintenance work based on the actual condition of the equipment. ABB's condition monitoring reports are valid as OEM recommendation in an alternative survey arrangement towards classification societies.

Preventive maintenance


Nobody can deliver a better maintenance service than the engineers who created and developed the systems themselves.

Plan ahead for effective response

With service engineers specialized in ABB systems, we help superintendents to prepare for specific service actions, so the equipment can be overhauled and maintained properly. Our maintenance plans can be customized based on the customer's operations.

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