Shuttle tankers

Maximize vessel efficiency and lower emissions with hybrid electric propulsion, energy storage, automation and control from ABB Marine & Ports. ABB's complete shuttle tanker solutions will contribute to annual fuel savings of up to 15%.


Build a vessel ready for the next 40 years of operation

Future-proofed for coming environmental regulations and prepared for later installation of new energy sources such as fuel cells, as well as ABB's expanding digital measuring and analytics tools for vessel and fleet performance monitoring. 

Power tailor-made to your vessel

Build your vessel with a power and propulsion system tailored to its specific operational profile, to ensure maximal fit of power availability, uptime and redunancy. Built from standard proven components.

Remote support 24/7

ABB Ability™ Marine Remote Diagnostic System increases vessel safety and reliability through extended and predictive monitoring, typically reducing on-call visits of service engineers up to 70%, and maintenance costs up to 50%.


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