Medium voltage products for oil, gas and chemical

As a leading global player, ABB offers integrated solutions across the complete value chain of the oil, gas and petrochemicals industry.

ABB’s medium-voltage products are designed for heavy duty industrial applications and extensively tested to withstand the requirements of the oil, gas and chemical industry helping ensure maximum safety, reliability and uptime.  ABB’s range of medium-voltage products for these industries includes a complete range of switchgear, electrical houses and compact secondary substations suitable for extreme and harsh environments. 

Why ABB?

  • ABB is a pioneer and technology leader in the area of medium-voltage products and solutions 
  • Decades of experience in manufacturing, installing and servicing medium-voltage products 
  • Comprehensive portfolio of medium-voltage products and solutions 
  • Product certifications according to a wide range of international standards including IEC, IEEE, ANSI, GOST
  • Comprehensive portfolio of service offerings that include engineering and consulting, extensions and retrofit and end-of-life services
  • ABB is your long term trusted partner with sales and service competence in approximately 100 countries

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