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Grid Automation - Smart power distribution solutions

Automating the secondary distribution network is a key contributor and a prerequisite to building smart grids

Power distribution operators are faced with ever-increasing efficiency and supply quality requirements. To meet these demands operators need to introduce automation throughout the entire network. 

ABB has for decades been driving the development of advanced protection, supervision, control and management products and systems for the complete power delivery process. As a forerunner also in the development and manufacturing of primary equipment, ABB is able to create the best integration between the primary and secondary distribution to move towards more efficient and reliable grids.

Investing in distribution grid automation improves operational efficiency and the quality of the power network, safety for the personnel and extends the life cycle of earlier investments.


  • Automation throughout the entire network

Product benefits

  • Scalable solutions - from basic monitoring to advanced protection functionality
  • Most advanced earth-fault detection and protection on the market
  • Solutions available for both new  and existing installations that meet the demands from all types of power distribution grids
  • Ready-made solutions for integration of the secondary substation data to the SCADA or DMS system

Flexible smart distribution solutions

ABB's smart power distribution solutions are built on smart products for
  • Protection and control
  • Measurements
  • Monitoring
  • Communication

There are solutions available for urban, rural and mixed power distribution networks.

Secondary distribution substations

The smart distribution solutions can be applied to new secondary switchgears, ring main units (RMU), pole-mounted reclosers/breakers or load-break switches,  or utilized as a cost-efficient upgrade of an existing installation.  

Smart control cabinets

ABB’s smart control cabinets are based on standardized ready-to-be-deployed solutions. There are cabinet variants for both overhead line and underground cable networks. The cabinets are suitable for all applications, ranging from monitoring to more advanced solutions with accurate measurements and protection functionality. 

Protection and control devices

Our comprehensive product portfolio enables accurate measurements, which ensure scalable monitoring, control and protection functionality. Our standard solutions include secure communication, centralized supervision and user account management over cost-efficient public networks.

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Our offering

ABB's type-tested smart distribution solutions are available for both new  and existing installations and are ready-to-be-deployed. The offering includes a broad range of products, such as smart control cabinets including protection and control relays and communication devices.  In the offering there are also complete smart distribution solutions, where we integrate our equipment into switchgears and RMUs in a smart way or deliver a complete smart compact secondary substation (CSS). 

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