Gearless conveyor drives (GCD) for medium power

Permanent magnet (PM) motor solution enabling gearless design for a wide range of overland conveyors in the medium and low power range (3-10MW), even for shaft mounted embedding

ABB’s innovation, the gearless conveyor drive (GCD) for medium power is based on permanent magnet motor (PMM) technology. Rated from 1 to 3 MW motor power, it  removes the need for a gearbox, thereby lowering maintenance costs while improving overall reliability leading to greater uptime. The technology fulfills eco design requirements, saves energy and reduces failure rate and repair works.

This pioneering GCD is advanced lightweight and compact so that it can be shaft or foot-mounted and used with air- or liquid-cooling methods. Its heavy duty design is robust enough to deal with the shocks and vibrations associated with mining conveyor applications and its IP65 rating means it is totally protected from dust and water contamination.

Lowest OPEX / lowest cost per ton

A commercial trade off was simulated for the conveyor system with the following figures:

  • Conveyor line: 4 flights
  • Drives: 12 drives in total
  • Power: 1,000 kW 1,340 hp
  • Tonnage: 8,800 tph
  • Energy cost: 10 ct/kWh
  • Gearbox efficiency: 96%
  • Annual operation time: 6,900 hours p.a.

After 15 years, a mine would have saved about 12 Mio US$ by using GCD. A return on investment can be expected after less than one year.

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