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Motores IEC de baja tensión para alimentación y bebidas

Tanto si su negocio procesa carne o productos de panadería, elabora cerveza premium o tuesta granos de café, no importa el segemento en el que opere ni el tamaño del negocio. Nosotros podemos proporcionarle motores que le ayudarán a lograr una mayor eficiencia y fiabilidad sin comprometer la seguridad alimentaria.

Los motores eléctricos tienen un papel vital en el mantenimiento de sus productos en movimiento. Seleccionando los mejores motores del mejor proveedor te puede significar una gran ayuda para superar los retos difíciles a los que se enfrenta en su negocio. Como productor de productos de alimentación y bebidas, usted tiene que mantener la higiene y seguridad alimentaria, asegurar que su proceso se ejecuta sin interrupción - incluso 24/7 - y mantener sus operaciones competitivas y sostenibles.

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Nuevo motor IEC de acero inoxidable

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Designed for uncompromised food safety

  • Stainless steel design fulfills the hygienic design principles
  • Safe operations with H1 food grade grease
  • Maximized cleanability with TENV cooling

Reliable performance in extreme conditions

  • IP69K protection to withstand extreme washdown situations
  • Encapsulated windings for long lifetime in extreme humid conditions
  • Low surface temperature with less operation costs due to high efficiency

Meeting the efficiency requirements around the world

  • Premium efficiency classes starting from IE3 and even up to IE5 with our VSD solution
  • Wide coverage of MEPS around the world
  • Different voltage and frequency variations including 50 Hz and 60 Hz with UL certification


Reference case highlights

OctoFrost - Industrial freezers for individual quick freezing

OctoFrost produces industrial freezers for individual quick freezing, or IQF. Anyone who ever bought a box of frozen raspberries, diced mango or shrimp knows the concept. If the food items are easily separated and have kept their original shape, the products may well have been freshly frozen in a freezer from the Swedish company using the OctoFrost™ patented technology of bedplates and fluidization.

“If anything, like a motor, needs to be replaced, it has to be easily available regardless of where our customers are located, whether it’s in Poland or in India. That’s why we have worked with ABB since our start 15 years ago.”
- Operations Manager at OctoFrost

GSI Group - a world-class manufacturer of agricultural equipment

The GSI Group is a world-class manufacturer of agricultural equipment for grain storage, material handling, conditioning and drying, as well as a supplier of swine and poultry production equipment. Owned since 2011 by agricultural equipment maker AGCO, GSI has relied on Dodge® mechanical power transmission products in North America for years.

“On the commercial side as well as the agricultural side, it’s really important to have custom-made equipment, and by offering both a full line of motors and mechanical products, ABB can absolutely help us fulfill this requirement,” he says. “It allows us to cherry pick just the right size, style, speed and power, so we can fully comply with customer requirements.”
- Lead Design Engineer at GSI

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