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Advanced Digital Services for Control Systems - Sales Support

Uncover issues that limit current system performance to implement time- and money-saving improvements and extend the life of your assets

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A 3-step plan to address control system customer challenges with your service activities

Step 1: Support the customer to enter the digital world

Register your customer for access to myABB/My Control System

Scan the control system and generate a digital twin in the myABB/My Control System Cloud and in ServIS

All the functions and features of SCX Data collector were integrated into Service Products Data Collector (SPDC) software and from now on only the combined software should be used. 
Before visiting customer sites and starting the data collection, ABB personnel is advised to check for the latest version of the Service Data Collector software (click here to download it from ABB Library) or myABB/My Control System-portal. 

Please use the Advanced Services_Tools Selection Matrix (also available in My Control System) to select correct SPDC software version for the system family and version you want to run the tool.

- Product update:    Service Products Data Collector
- Release note:         Service Products Data Collector Release Notes
- User Manual:          Service Products Data Collector - User Manual

Step 2: Introduce Advanced Services to be mandatory for control systems

Based on the System Scan: 
  • Run the Benchmark monthly to address warnings and faults.
  • Run the Fingerprint quarterly to provide recommendations for fixes => generate work orders

Deliver & support
How to upload collected soft- and hardware data to myABB/My Control System and generate reports? 

myABB/My Control System - Data Review and report customization 
Benchmark webpage
Fingerprint webpage
Customer presentation
System 800xA   System 800xA Core Benchmark and Fingerprint Brochure
  System 800xA Benchmark and Core Fingerprint Report Datasheet
Scope of Supply for System 800xA Core Fingerprint
Sample System 800xA Benchmark Reports
Sample System 800xA Core Fingerprint Report
Freelance    Freelance Benchmark and Fingerprint Brochure   Freelance Fingerprint Datasheet
Scope of supply for Freelance Fingerprint
Sample Freelance Benchmark Report
Sample Freelance Fingerprint Report 
Advant MOD300     Advant MOD 300 Benchmark and Fingerprint Flyer   Advant MOD 300 Benchmark and Fingerprint Data Sheet
Scope of supply for Advant MOD 300 Fingerprint - template 
Sample Advant MOD 300 Benchmark Report
Sample Advant MOD 300 Fingerprint Report
Cyber Security
Cyber Security Fingerprint sales training presentation
Cyber Security FAQs

Introduction to Cyber Security
 Cyber Security Benchmark Brochure
Cyber Security Fingerprint Brochure
Cyber Security extended presentation
Cyber Security Benchmark sales presentation
Cyber Security Fingerprint sales presentation
Sample Cyber Security Benchmark Report
Sample Cyber Security Fingerprint Report
Cyber Security Fingerprint proposal template


Introduce basic cyber security protection

  • Security Update Service and/or Security Workplace
  • Introduction of regular patching and backup generation
  • Get system on Automation Sentinel to enable patching

Deliver & support
Security Update Service
Security Update Service - Business update
Security Update Service - webinar Q & A
Security Update Service FAQs
Security Update Service for ABB DCS - commercial introduction webinar recording

Security Update Service for DCS - Leaflet
Security Update Service webpage
Security Update Service - Executive Overview
Security Update Services - Scope of Supply
Advanced Services - Security Update Service Sales Release

Security Update Service - Configuration Guide
How to Enable Security Update Service via RAP 
Cyber Security Workspace (Power Generation)

Cyber Security Workplace Brochure
Regular patching and backup

Cyber security patch delivery for power generation Brochure
  Sample Security Patch Management Report   
Automation Sentinel
 >> Support for Automation Sentinel        

Support for Cyber Security (Control Technologies)
Support for Cyber Security (Power Generation)

Step 3: Introduce more Advanced Services based on value proposition

  • For medium to large systems - yearly
  • After every major upgrade

Deliver & support
System Health Check sales training presentation
Advanced Services - How to sell
Advanced Services: System Health Check Sales Announcement
New and enhanced Q3/2016 webinar recording
Q3/2016 webinar presentation

System Health Check webpage
System Health Check - Customer sales presentation

System Health Check and Service Application - Technical Introduction presentation
Technical Introduction webinar recording
System Health Check and Service Application - Introduction to L3 support presentation
Introduction to L3 support webinar recording
Service Application for SHC v1.3 User Manual
System 800xA System 800xA Health Check - Commercial introduction webinar System 800xA Health Check - Leaflet
System 800xA Health Check webpage
  Scope of supply for System 800xA Health Check
System 800xA Health Check Sample Report
System 800xA Health Check and Service application Data Sheet

System 800xA 1.1 Service Application User Manual 
Freelance    Freelance Health Check - Leaflet
Freelance Health Check webpage
  Freelance Health Check - Scope of Supply
Freelance Health Check Sample Report
Freelance Health Check and Service application Data Sheet

  • For critical control systems needing continuous supervision of the asset health
  • For enhancement of cyber security protection

Deliver & support
ServicePort FAQs
Remote Access Platform FAQs
T880v Getting the most value from ServicePort
Productivity Pack Campaign

Performance optimization for control system website
ServicePort website

ServicePort sales presentation

Software license agreement

ServicePort ordering procedure
ServicePort Manuals
System 800xA   System 800xA Performance Service Brochure
System 800xA Performance Optimization service website
System 800xA Performance Services case study
More case studies
System 800xA Performance Service Sales Presentation
System 800xA Performance Service pricing policy
System 800xA Performance Service Sample Report
Proposal example
System 800xA Performance Channel User Manual
Tender specification -  Trial scope

ServicePort Channel Configuration starter reference
System 800xA Performance Channel Configuration Manual
Freelance    ServicePort for Freelance - reference case study

  • For critical control systems needing continuous supervision of system events:

Deliver & support
Control System Monitoring sales training presentation

Control System Monitoring leaflet

Control System Monitoring Data Sheet
Control System Monitoring Scope of supply (template)
Control System Performance Monitoring & ServiceLink release Notes
ABB ServiceLink with RAP software

  • For ability to improve plant availability, performance, and quality

Deliver & support

COC website




Overview presentation

Success stories presentation

White paper

Customer letter

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