Discrete manufacturing operations management

ABB Ability™ Smart Manufacturing Operations Management suite provides the backbone for optimized operations. Enable visibility, orchestrate and synchronize the complete end-to-end process, from incoming material & components to finished products.

Discrete manufactures today operate in a complex and highly competitive environment. In addition to fierce cost pressure, high demands are on quality, traceability and time to market. As a leading automation and robotics / cobotics supplier with extensive and deep knowledge of manufacturing processes and data security, ABB is uniquely positioned to provide  tailored digital and fully automated solutions for all types of factories: from small lot manufacturing to mass-customized and high-volume production.

Our proven and reliable software platform with  rich out-of-the-box functionalities, easy to configure modules in multiple languages, SDK for customized applications, global expert support and adaptive implementation approach give solution architects, operators, supervisors and plant managers the flexibility to drive innovation, improve business agility and  capture productivity, quality and compliance benefits early.

ABB forms strong consulting partnerships, helping rethink the processes, develop a roadmap towards a smart manufacturing vision, harmonize and consolidate existing solutions and best practices from across all company facilities.


  • Visualization of pending tasks, work instructions, materials and equipment and quality test specifications in the context, reduces errors,  rework and waste and improves quality and throughput.
  • Real time transparency of production status and performance provides the insights to continuously improve and optimize operations.
  • Recording of all relevant data in context, including transactional operation/order/product/ material, quality data,  ensures complete forward and backward traceability.

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