PMA Jumbo sizes

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Larger sizes for big solutions
When you need conduits with larger sizes for your cable protection, we provide you with a comprehensive selection of larges size conduits including connectors and flanges.
The PMA JUMBO product line from ABB includes a range of large size cable protection products. Seven different conduit types using a variety of raw materials to provide optimal performance in various applications and compatible fittings.

PMA JUMBO conduits polyamide and polyurethane conduits in the large nominal width sizes NW56, 70, 95, 125 (PA6 conduits – PCL, CYL, VCS, VOH) (PA12 conduits – PIH) (PU conduits – PUE)

Flange, threaded connectors and accessories:
PMAGRIP flange and threaded fittings plus accessories BGG (straight), BGO (90°) flange fittings achieve a sealing rating of IP50 and IP65 with a conduit sealing ring BGGV (straight), BGOV (90°) flange fittings achieve a sealing rating of IP68

- Excellent conduit pull-out strength
- High impact resistance
- All PMA Jumbo conduits have a coarse (G) profile
- The conduit types PIH and VCS are UL recognized in jumbo sizes for use with the flange type fittings.
- Conduits made from specially formulated PA6, PA12 and PU
- Fittings made from specially formulated polyamide 6
- Self-extinguishing
- Free from halogens, REACH + RoHS compliant*
 - Very good chemical properties
- Temperature range:
PA6 –40 °C to +105 °C, short-term to +160 °C
PA12 –40 °C to +95 °C, short-term to +150 °C
PU –60 °C to +50°C

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