ABB at Marintec China 2023

5-8 December,2023 | Shanghai | SNIEC

Transforming tomorrow

We look forward to meeting maritime friends, peers and partners again at Marintec China 2023, stand no. N1A1A. ABB’s integrated solutions for ship and shore, including the pioneering Azipod® propulsion system and ABB Dynafin™ electric propulsion provide greater efficiency and reliability to shipowners, preparing the industry to meet the demands of tomorrow.

We look forward to welcoming you to our stand – to discuss maritime technologies and trends and to see how we may assist you in current or upcoming projects.
We have also created a virtual exhibition environment for the those not able to visit the exhibition in person. Here you can virtually learn about and engage with our solutions. Link to this platform will be provided on this page one week ahead of the event.

Speaking at Marintec China

On the Path towards Sustainable and Autonomous Shipping

There has through the recent years been established a wide consensus in the maritime industry that shipping must join the course towards decarbonization and elimination of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission in order to reduce its effect on global warming.

The IMO targets for reducing GHG are ambitious, but necessary and possible if the industry acts with urgency. The vessels being designed now, may be operational for at least two decades to come. As technologies and alternative fuels are not in place on a scale that permits a rapid change, the transformation of the shipping will likely be an evolutionary journey where each step gives tangible progress and benefits.

The stepwise evolution of technologies and carbon neutral fuels towards 2050, is yet not known. It is therefore important that the designs being made today do not only meet the known requirements, but also includes the platform and infrastructure to adapt to the various scenarios with feasible means.

While there are uncertainties in the path forward, it is in speaker’s view some elements that are essential for future-proof designs. Additionally, to being enabled for carbon neutral fuels:

  • Electric infrastructure for integrating a variety of energy sources
  • Maximizing energy efficiency
  • Digitalization and autonomy
  • Fleet connectivity

The presentation will focus on the status of the technologies as today, and the essentials as we see it from that perspective for futureproofing the design for sustainable and autonomous shipping.
Speaker: Alf Kåre Ådnanes, Manager of Regional Division AMEA, ABB Marine & Ports

Keynote speech at Senior Maritime Forum

Date & Time: Afternoon, 4 December 2023, Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai

A taste of the wide marine portfolio of ABB

The new wave of efficiency

ABB Dynafin™ is a new concept representing a revolutionary propulsion system breaking new ground for efficiency in the marine industry.

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The power you need

Futureproof the vessel with ABB’s Onboard DC Grid™ - a flexible power distribution system compatible with newer energy sources such as batteries and fuel cells.

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Azipod® electric propulsion

Gearless steerable propulsion system, which can rotate 360 degrees, increasing maneuverability and operating efficiency

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Enhance your operations with our smart solutions and services

Integrated automation, control and bridge systems, paired with our smart solutions and services.

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Dry Cargo Vessels

The sea-borne transport industry continues to grow, creating a need for bigger and faster vessels. Coupled with the rise in fuel costs and regulatory changes, this has brought energy efficiency into focus in the dry cargo segment.


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Advanced Power Systems (AC)

The collection of technologies under the “Advanced Power Systems” umbrella all play together to allow for operating in compliance with the strictest DP requirements, like DNV DYNPOS AUTRO and DYNPOS ER and ABS DP2(3) EHS.

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Variable speed shaft generator (PTO/PTI)

Using the energy efficient main engine to generate electrical power (PTO), the system can boost the main propulsion shaft (PTI), and also provide Power take home (PTH) for an extra layer of redundancy.

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Drives for marine and offshore

Anywhere a motor is used on board is a great opportunity to save energy. Our marine certified variable frequency drives (VFD) regulate the speed and torque of motors so they run accurately according to the demand.

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