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Mining automation and the need for innovations towards autonomous mining

Finding new ways to increase the production rate of mining operations, reduce the cost per tonne produced, extend the life span of mine sites or establish new ones

Due in part to the very harsh conditions, mining has lagged other sectors as far as technology and automation is concerned. ABB’s experience in areas such as oil and gas, automotive, and pulp and paper brings a deep understanding of how challenges can be overcome, and allows the creation of a vision and a technology road map for the future of mining.

We see a plethora of technology to assist miners in their roles such as fully and semi-autonomous robots, increased use of artificial intelligence, virtual, augmented and mixed reality, 3-D and 4-D printing and ever more innovative ways to transform operating and business models as well as the culture. Let's join forces, co-develop and collaborate to set new standards for mining automation!

Want to mine smarter?

Bring together information and operational technologies, unite the islands of automation and pilot new autonomous mining concepts

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Integration and automation in mining

Areas of automation

Why ABB?

ABB has been at the forefront of automating mining technologies - such as ultra-long-distance conveying and super-sized processing plant technologies - necessary to drive major physical infrastructure improvements. ABB has pioneered some of the world’s most exciting technological advances in mining control systems and is a leader in the design and development of remote operations centers for some of the world’s largest mining companies.

Going forward ABB’s holistic approach to the entire mining operation ABB Ability™ MineOptimize will feature smart devices and equipment - enabled for autonomous configuration, efficient operation and self-diagnostics – as well as software that delivers total, real-time transparency for the operators. This will provide visibility of resources across the mine, intelligent production based on near real-time demand, market conditions and available ore types and an optimal response to critical asset conditions.

ABB Ability™ MineOptimize approach