Design decisions

The design of electrification of a data center is based on tier standards identifying the center’s load requirements and reliability, but the configuration and execution of the design involves complex decisions regarding infrastructure and technology. The integration of high- , medium- and low-voltage connections and distribution entails a huge span of disciplines and products that are best delivered by an organization covering a broad palette of expertise under one umbrella.

That is why ABB is developing a systems approach to data center design. With this methodology, ABB can serve as a systems integrator, unifying its wide-ranging portfolio into a robust data center infrastructure. For the customer, the result is one integrated system from one supplier.

ABB has tested this strategy with an internal project created to develop a 20 MW Tier III data center design with maximum ABB content. Among the project’s specified deliverables were single-line diagrams, physical layouts, specifications and other supporting material to form the basis for delivering data center equipment and for integration, while remaining closely attuned to customer and market requirements. The completion of this demonstration project laid the groundwork for ABB’s initial development of a systems approach to data center electrification design.

Among the many advantages of this systems approach are these:

  • Lower project risks
  • One integrated project schedule coordinated with customer and owner engineers
  • Lower customer project management costs
  • Lower project execution costs
  • Lower customer warranty, operations and maintenance costs
  • Technical experts from many disciplines and factories to ensure the best solution from a single source
  • The benefits of ABB’s expertise in a broad range of fields and in the data center industry

ABB offers much more than traditional electrification and power distribution capabilities. The company’s portfolio includes a range of products and software to combine, connect and extend power, with systems integration expertise.

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