Cabinets for underground cable distribution and all types of outdoor industrial applications

EH-Pedestals are polyester floor standing enclosures which offer reliable housing for switching, distributing and protective equipment.  In power distribution application pedestals enable the connection of underground cables and the distribution to several consumers within the cabinets. Fitting also applications that require reliable outdoor housings like Telecommunication or Traffic signaling.

  • Energy distribution
  • Cable television
  • Telecommunications and electronics
  • Traffic signaling and public lighting
  • Temporary service for construction sites
  • Camp sites and market places
  • Marinas
  • Water treatment
  • Sub-stations
  • 48cm (19") racking systems

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Main benefits

Wide range

A wide range is available thanks to the variety of sizes, versions and accessories

Protection & safety

High degrees in protection: against ingress of foreign bodies. Mechanical strength up to IK10


Suitable for many different applications

Main features

  • The bases are partly buried into the ground, guaranteeing a stable support for the equipped enclosure, and allowing easy and safe cable entry into the enclosure
  • The design offers natural ventilation to prevent accumulation of condensation humidity inside the enclosure
  • The polyester has a low thermal conductivity, resulting in reduced temperature variations within the enclosure
  • The pedestals comply with following standards:
    - IEC 60529: IP protection degree against ingress of foreign bodies
    - EN 62262 and IEC 62262: IK protection degree against mechanical impact
    - IEC 61439-5: cable distribution cabinets in power networks


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