Programs for panel builders

Let's write the future. Together

The unparalleled value of a strategic partnership.​

At the core of a strategic partnership with ABB, there is close collaboration. The aim of it is to allow our panel builders to approach effectively end-user customers, penetrate as many markets as possible, and create more opportunities, with the end goal of generating business growth. ​

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Ongoing collaboration for business growth ​

Why should a panel builder partner with ABB?

Superior Technology

Leveraging our continuously evolving product portfolio, panel builders can now efficiently optimize and integrate products while reducing R&D costs.

Custom Tailored Programs

Our programs are tailor-made and designed to address the unique needs of panel builders, catering to diverse markets, end-customer types, and industries.​

Sustainability and Digital

We are proud of our rich history, but we are ready to write the future alongside our partners. ​

Panel builders can expect to benefit from all the latest trends and innovations in our portfolio guided by the evolving market trends

Products and systems portfolio for panel builders

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Technical programs for panel builders

Beginning with an extensive product portfolio, over time ad hoc programs have been developed based on different partnership levels and technical cooperations. These programs enable panel builders to effectively integrate ABB products into their systems and solutions by providing essential information and guidance. Characterized by multiple sessions, our programs offer comprehensive support to partners throughout every stage of the process:

A superior technology platform and configurator

Value chain concept with different levels of collaborations. Tailor-made programs and contracts

Your success is our pride! Dedicated ABB professionals for training, assistance, support, and inspections

ABB advanced labs and facilities at disposal for product testing

Ready to write the future?

The onboarding procedure is lean and composed of just 4 different phases:

Phase 1

Evaluation of the mutual interest in cooperating ​

Phase 2

Finalization of the agreement based on concrete needs ​

Phase 3

Implementation of technology transfer​

Phase 4


ABB Value Provider Program for panel builders

As an ABB Value Provider, you will gain exclusive access to our technology, resources, and expertise, reaping the benefits of a top-tier product and service experience to meet your market objectives at the highest standards. Earn recognition for your expertise in areas where your customers seek highly capable providers.

Partners capabilities to serve the market

As an ABB Value Provider, backed by our support and empowered by the ABB brand, you will be equipped to deliver exceptional value and fuel your business growth.

Interested in developing a flourishing partnership with ABB?

Reach out to us, and a dedicated team of ABB industry-leading experts will guide you through the next steps oriented at building a thriving partnership.


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