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Ease of operations and maintenance

Data centers are some of the most complex structures on earth, full of intricate and interrelated equipment and systems: fans, pumps, chillers, valves, switchgear, control systems, transformers, PDUs, RPPs, UPSs—the list goes on and on. Like all mission-critical equipment, it needs regular monitoring and maintenance to ensure maximum reliability. Sometimes that doesn’t happen, which is why an estimated 80% of all unplanned outages can be prevented. ABB’s data center products and systems are engineered for long life and reduced maintenance, helping increase uptime and control costs.



Operators, maintenance, IT and management all must access different systems

ABB solution

ABB’s DCIM solution merges power, process and IT together so relevant, actionable data gets to the right person at the right time. ABB’s DCIM Solution provides a single window to the entire data center alerts operators to all alarms or pending concerns from the utility to the servers enabling them to react more quickly

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