Air termination

Air termination plays a critical role in the lightning protection system, capturing the fullness of the lightning strike current and channeling this current safely to the conductor network.

Through use of air rods, raised conductor or mesh, a Lightning Protection System designer can achieve appropriate positioning of the air termination in line with the three methods proposed by IEC/BS EN 62305, namely:

  • The rolling sphere method
  • The protective angle method
  • The mesh method

  • Furse air termination products are specifically designed to provide highly effective protection against the risks and consequences of a direct lightning strike.

    Complete protection against lightning strikes with Furse air termination

    Our air rods are manufactured from highly-conductive, hard-drawn copper or aluminium, and provide an excellent, durable strike point for lightning.

    Our comprehensive range of air rod bases, conductor fasteners and clamps are manufactured from high quality copper or aluminium alloys, ensuring that a high level of conductivity is maintained throughout the air termination system. It also ensures these components are robust enough to last a significant number of years on exposed roof lines.

    All these components link together with our copper or aluminium conductors, which provide the low resistance path for lightning current - from strike point, safely to earth. 

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