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H864 - ACS6000 AD/SD marine drive

The goal of this course is to train the participants in the safe operation, control, configuration, troubleshooting and maintenance of an ACS 6000 drive.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the drive topology.
  • Understand the function of propulsion and drive control.
  • Locate the hardware components, verify and replace the drive’s parts.
  • Perform preventive maintenance.


General topics:

  • Introduction to ABB Marine Services.
  • Safety procedures while working on the drive.
  • Medium voltage safety requirements.
  • In-depth theory of the ACS 6000 drive principles.

Specialist topics (5-day course only):

  • Introduction to diesel-electric propulsion.
  • Functional description of the propulsion system.

Hardware description:

  • Functions of components and PCB’s (printed circuit boards).
  • Hardware schematics and electrical drawings.
  • Installation guidelines.

Water cooling system:

  • Cooling circuit description.
  • Preventive  maintenance.


  • Energizing and de-energizing the converter.
  • Start/stop sequence using local control panels and DriveWindow tool.

Software introduction:

  • Inverter and excitation software concept.
  • Data exchange between modules.
  • Setting parameters using CDP (Control Drive Panel) and DriveWindow.

Fault-tracing and troubleshooting:

  • Interpretation of alarm and fault messages.
  • Replacement of PCB’s and components.
  • Getting help from ABB.


  • Classroom lectures with demonstrations using the training drive.
  • Practical lessons on the training drive.

Course outline

General Information

Duration: 4 days (additional 5th day for specialist topics)
Venue: Singapore 

Marine power plant basic for technical staff in ABB propulsion and marine high voltage safety course or similar knowledge is advisable

Additional information: Minimum 6, maximum 8 participants
On-site training available on request
Student profile:

Marine egnineers and electrotechnical personnel at operational and management level

Download: Course description as a pdf
Certification: This course has been certified in accordance with "DNV Standard for Certification of Learning Programmes - 3.201"

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