H870 - LV Power Distribution System

The goal of this course is to train the participants in safe operation, control, configuration and maintenance of ABB LV switchgear MNS, air circuit breakers, molded-case circuit breakers and soft-starters.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Locate hardware components.
  • Understand and verify switchgear parts, breaker internal components and components inside cubicles. 
  • Perform maintenance, and identify low voltage electrical safety hazards.


General topics:

  • Safety procedures while working on the switchboard.
  • Introduction to ABB Marine Service.
  • General marine power plant.
  • Power plant regulation principles.

Hardware description:

  • LV switchboard MNS compartments.
  • Generators, motors and transformers.
  • Air circuit breakers, protection releases and accessories.
  • Molded-case circuit breakers, protection releases and accessories.
  • Introduction to soft-starters.


  • Removal and installation of air circuit breaker.
  • Manual charging of breaker spring and operation.
  • Demonstration of use of protection relays
  • Racking of module drawers and identification of various positions of rotary handles on the modules.


  • Classroom lectures.
  • Demonstration and practical lessons on our training switchgears.

Course outline

General Information

Duration: 2-4 days
Venue: Houston, USA
Rotterdam, Netherlands


Additional information: Minimum 6, maximum 8 participants
On-site training is available on request
Student profile:

Marine engineers and electro-technical personnel at the support, operational and management level

Download: Course description as a pdf

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