H910K - ACS800AC drilling drive system

The goal of this course is to learn how to start-up, operate, maintain and troubleshoot ABB ACS800/ACS800LC integrated drilling drives system for jack-ups, semi-submersibles and drillships.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Locate hardware components.
  • Verify and replace ACS800 supply and inverter units.
  • Perform basic troubleshooting of AC800M drilling drives control system.

DriveWindow, a software tool for drive monitoring will be used and trained during practical exercises.
Project control system recovers with CF card and preventive maintenance is also included.


General topics:

  • Construction of ACS800/ACS800LC
  • System function of ABB drilling drives system

Hardware operation:

  • Removal and installation of DSU and INU
  • Filling of LCU and changing fans
  • Control panel operation
  • AC800M controller and communication

Fault-tracing and troubleshooting:

  • Explain alarm and fault message
  • Trace alarm and fault message


  • DriveWindow.
  • Compact control builder.


  • Classroom lectures.
  • Practical lessons on training ACS800/ACS800LC and drilling simulator system.

Course outline

General Information

Duration: 5 days
Venue: Singapore
Houston, USA

Basic knowledge of electronics, AC drive, drilling process and experience is advisable.

Additional information: Minimum 6, maximum 8 participants
On-site training on request
Student profile:

Marine engineers and electro-technical personnel at the operational and management level

Download: Course description as a pdf
Certification: This course has been certified in accordance with "DNV Standard for Certification of Learning Programmes - 3.201"

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