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Sustaining its strong track record in the expedition ship market, ABB serves customers and their ultra-luxury expedition vessels with integrated power, propulsion, distribution, control and automation solutions. Azipod® propulsors have become the preferred solution for expedition ships in challenging conditions. To date, more than 20 ABB’s Azipod® propulsion units have been specified for exploration cruise ships designed with a focus on safety, environmental sustainability and comfort. The vessels can be connected to ABB Ability™ Collaborative Operations Center infrastructure, which monitors the performance of ABB technology on board and remotely connects operators with ABB experts – something that is particularly important for ships operating in remote areas.
Passenger Safety

Superior maneuverability in all weather conditions with redundant electrical system and real time operational support.

Leading experience in cruise and ice operations

The knowledge and experience combined from more than 110 cruise and 90 icegoing vessels supports exploration operations.


High efficient propulsion combined with batteries and fuel cells as a power source enables zero emission and hybrid operation supporting minimal under water noise.

Exploring the world with safety, experience and sustainable solutions in mind


PONANT’s polar explorer reaches North Pole with ABB technology, setting new standards for cruise

Le Commandant Charcot became the first vessel of its kind to reach the geographic North Pole on September 6, 2021. Equipped with ABB's Azipod© propulsion technology, the vessel produces minimal noise and vibrations to provide a comfortable passenger experience for maximum sustainability. The vessel is capable of cruising in zero-emissions mode while exploring remote locations. Le Commandant Charcot is the first cruise ship with the ability to sail in 'double-acting mode', meaning it can navigate stern-first in ice conditions.

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