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Testing Laboratory for medium and low voltage products



With 60 years of experience we know how to perform tests professionally. Starting with the planning and preparation phase we cooperate closely with our customers in order to ensure an optimal testing. Our organization provides flexible planning which ensures short-term reservation. When testing at the Laboratories Ratingen our customers may choose to either prepare the test objects on their own or make use of our assembly and installation service. By request an on-site testing can be performed in the customer’s facilities. All test results will be evaluated by our team of highly qualified and experienced experts in close cooperation with the customers.
Our laboratories are equipped with a SF6 module to handle and recycle the gas for environmental safety. The accreditation as ABB Laboratories Ratingen and as PEHLA Testing Laboratories Ratingen ensures that all tests are fully independent.



Phone: +49 (0) 2102 12-1477

E-Mail: testing@de.abb.com

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