Other Services


Calibration Service

  Calibration of

                  • Electrical measuring instrument
                  • Force measuring instrument 
                  • Length measuring instrument
                  • Torque wrenches
                  • Pressure measuring instrument


Material Laboratory

(not accreditated)

Testing of

                 • Solid Materials (Insulation Materials and Metals)
                 • Liquids
                 • Gases
                 • Destructive and Non destructive mechanical tests 
                 • Thermal tests and ageing tests
                 • Tests to verify the dielectric behavior of insulation materials 
                 • Measurement of conductivity
                 • Measurement of tan 
                 • Chemical and physical Analyses (RFX, FTIR, EDX)


Additive Manufacturing

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Workshop of the Laboratory

The workshop manufactures prototypes and test arrangements as well as provides complete assembly and installation service in connection with tests.
Experienced fitters can be hired for assisting the assembling and handling of test objects.

If defects occur during tests our workshop offers immediate repair service and manufacturing of spare parts.

In order to offer optimal service the workshop is fully equipped for all kind of metal processing.


Phone: +49 (0) 2102 12-1477

E-Mail: testing@de.abb.com
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