High-Power Testing Laboratory

Broad range of high power tests



The high power testing laboratory is equipped with a 2800 MVA short-circuit test generator and oil-insulated power transformers and is therefore able to perform making and breaking tests at several voltage- and short-circuit current levels.
A special dry-type power transformer is available to perform peak-withstand current- and short-time withstand current test up to 250 kA and 100 kA r.m.s for three seconds.
Inside the room simulation of the arcing test bay, internal arcing tests can be performed for switchgear, containers or even substations.
A capacitor bank allows to perform different capacitive tests e.g. 
           • line- or cable-charging current switching tests
           • back-toback- and single-capacitor-bank current switching tests
With the miscellaneous equipment like different reactors and resistors, measurement equipment etc., it is possible to perform a wide range of load current switching tests as well.

The tests, which can be performed at our high power testing laboratory, are:
Short-circuit making and breaking capacity test up to
            • 50 kA at 12 kV
            • 31.5 kA at 17.5 kV
            • 25 kA at 24 kV
            • 16 kA at 40.5 kV

Switching capacity test Load currents
            • Capacitive
            • Inductive
            • Ohmic
            • Inductive-ohmic

Peak withstand current test
            • Up to 250 kA

Short-time withstand current test
            • Up to 100 kA and up to 3s (4s)

Internal arc fault test
            • Up to 50 kA

Different tests beyond the standards according to client’s instructions




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