Temperature Rise Testing Laboratory

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The temperature-rise testing laboratory is suited to perform tests with a continuous current up to 6300 A on switchgear and switching devices. Through automated and computer controlled tests we use our recourses in the most efficient and effective way. Therefore we can offer precise, reliable and quick tests during day and night-time to our customers.
During the test, currents and temperatures are checked every 10 minutes. Shorter measurement intervals for currents and temperatures are possible. A control circuit guarantees a constant three-phase current through the entire test. The test is automatically stopped if a temperature limit is exceeded or the test duration is over.

Temperature-rise tests:

Single-phase and three-phase
     • Up to 240 measuring points can be connected
     • Up to 6300 A at 50 Hz
     • Up to 6300 A at 60 Hz

Additionally we can offer
     • Magnetic field measurement
     • Thermal imaging


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