Mechanical Testing Laboratory

Broad range of machanical tests



The mechanical testing laboratory offers different functional, environmental and material tests especially on medium and low voltage equipment and their components.
The functional tests include endurance tests on switching devices, kinematic chain tests and function tests on any kind of interlocking or control system.
For long-duration tests automatic control and monitoring systems are available to supervise various signals for diagnostics. A wide range of measurement equipment is able to record via special sensors many additional data for detailed investigation of the test objects characteristics, like travels, rotation angles, forces, torques, pressures, temperatures, binary signal states and gas densities.

The mechanical testing laboratory performs the following tests:

                 • Mechanical operating and endurance tests
                 • Mechanical Tests of interlocking systems
                 • Tightness and pressure tests
                 • IK coding up to level IK07 (2J)
                 • Classification of auxiliary contacts
                 • Electrical continuity of earthed metallic parts test
                 • Environmental tests (temperature, humidity, support of vibration tests)
                 • Kinematic chain test on position indicating devices
                 • Tensile, cantilever load and compression tests up to 100kN


Phone: +49 (0) 2102 12-1477


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