Additive Manufacturing

Trumpf TruPrint 3000 for additive manufacturing

Metal 3D Printer 

Laser Metal Fusion Technology is flexible and can be used for a wide range of application.

Technical Data:

  • Processable Materials:

    • aluminium- powder 1.6061

    • aluminium- powder AlSi10Mg0,4  

    • stainless steels – powder 1.4404

    • tool steels – powder 1.2709                                           

  • Build Volume: Diameter 300 mm x 400 mm Heigh

EOS SLS for industrial additive manufacturing

3D Printer for Plastic Parts

The selective laser sintering (SLS) technique is used for a high-performance production od high-quality parts from plastics.

Technical Data:

  • Processable Materials:

    • P2200                                          

  • Build Volume: 200 x 250x 330mm


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