Operation and maintenance of UniGear ZS1 and 550

CZ036 Training course

Course ID
 Venue  Brno, Czech Republic
 Duration  2 days
 Language  English
 Registration brno.abbuniversity@cz.abb.com



Course goal

Learning UniGear ZS1 and UniGear 550 operation and

Participant profile

Service engineers, operation and maintenance personnel and external consultants

Prerequisites and Recommendations

The course is set up for beginners in the UniGear ZS1 and 550 switchgear maintenance, operation and servicing, technicians as well as maintenance engineers. Students shall have a basic knowledge of electrical switchgear

Learning objectives


Upon completion students will be able to:

  • ·operate UniGear ZS1 and 550, understand switchgear interlocks
  • provide routine switchgear maintenance



The course is composed of following modules:

  • O401 - UniGear ZS1 switchgear introduction
  • O402 - UniGear ZS1 operation
  • O406 - UniGear ZS1 installation and maintenance
  • O426 - UniGear 550 operation and maintenance


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