Open up a new world of water analysis

Work the way you want to work

Open up a new world of modular water analysis

Introducing ABB’s latest range of Advanced Water Transmitters that work the way you want to work.

Modular flexibility, unequalled simplicity

Combining the latest advancements in intelligent sensor diagnostics and management with ABB’s intuitive HMI operation and modular design philosophy. The AWT range of smart water transmitters provide the greatest user flexibility while making operation and maintenance simpler.

Two designs, one design philosophy


The AWT210

Low Power, High Performance

The intrinsically safe AWT210 two-wire modular transmitter is a single-channel device for the measurement and control of pH, ORP or conductivity in hazardous and non-hazardous area applications


The AWT420

Versatile Design, Maximum Usability

The AWT420 dual-channel transmitter provides true flexibility for measuring a wide variety of parameters in a single device. Packed with a host of features including Bluetooth® connectivity, dual PID control and EZ-LinkTM sensor connection water analysis has never been easier.

Intelligent pH and ORP sensors that work the way you want to work

Our next generation range of sensors bring together over 70 years of ABB pioneering pH sensor development and application expertise with the latest advanced digital technology and sensor diagnostics.

The result, a new range of electrodes that are simple to select, own and operate, each offering the perfect combination of performance and price for cost-effective process control.


Cut your aeration costs with ABB’s new compact Dissolved Oxygen (DO) sensor

Smart, robust, and highly versatile, ABB’s new optical DO sensor simplifies dissolved oxygen measurement in municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment.

Resistant to abrasion and fouling, the DO sensor does not need regular calibration, and is now available in a reduced footprint, for more efficient measurement and simpler deployment.

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