Web Imaging System (WIS) for pulp and paper

PLEASE NOTE: ABB is ending the active sale of both the Web Imaging System (WIS) and Web Monitoring System (WMS). ABB is fully committed to support the existing systems in line with our full lifecycle policy. If you have questions, please contact us ABB Pulp and Paper

Full-width web inspection uncovers low contrast defects and identifies issues impacting quality

Accurate defect detection, imaging, and identification all play crucial roles in automation, quality control, root cause analysis and process improvement.

With over 50 years serving the industry, ABB and our in-house web inspection and quality management experts have pioneered several advancements to make our Web Imaging System (WIS) an industry-leading solution for full-width web inspection. With advanced technology, superior image quality and analyis tools, and advanced classification, mills can better detect low contrast defects to quickly identify issues impacting quality. 

WIS is part of the ABB Ability™ Quality Management System (QMS), an integrated solution suite consisting of products, services and applications for optimized quality control.

Superior technology driving optimized performance in a compact package

High-speed web imaging is not simply a question of camera speed. It depends on a variety factors ranging from camera specifications and illumination control, such as: 

◾ Pixel resolution
◾ Quality and adaptability of the illumination
◾ Advanced signal processing and detection algorithms
◾ Correct imaging geometry and configuration

ABB WIS combines the latest CMOS sensor technology with a cutting edge proprietary signal processing algorithm. Our high-speed cameras, which are built into compact and rugged housing for stable operation in all conditions, provide fast scan rates with excellent sensitivity, dynamic range and low noise rates. This compact architecture leads to small hardware footprint for ease of installation and maintenance--now made even easier with the lastest air-cooled technology.

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Latest advancements to ABB's Web Imaging System


New air-cooled technology

ABB’s newest illumination option brings better insight with more powerful, uniform light.

The air-cooled LED beam includes onboard diagnostics for efficient operations and cooling fan sensors for insight into air quality resulting in less maintenance and installation requirements, superior uptime and lower total cost of ownership.

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Did you know:

Wrinkles, ruptures and subtle calendar cuts are low visual contrast defects that can easily cause web breaks.

Coating streaks, skips and other low contrast markings on the web can lead to printing problems and returned product.

ABB’s patented Subtle Defect Imaging (SDI) methods are targeted at the detection of these low-contrast defects, where in many cases the defect signal intensity level is similar to, or even lower, than the background/formation noise level.

Features ABB solution
Advanced imaging technology Line scan cameras for higher resolution, continuous imaging, stable low-angle measurements, and smaller HW footprint.
Designed for mill environment The robust mechanical design of the web imaging beams, which are also coated to resist chemical agents and actively counter corrosion, provides an extremely stable imaging platform.  
Advanced signal processing and detection algorithms
ABB patented embedded low-contrast defect detection algorithms (SDI) and streak measurement to ensure even the smallest defects are found reliably 
Easy and intuitive user interface        Operators can monitor real-time defects, dirt, trends and take corrective actions.
Connectivity to mill-wide systems  Delivers actionable information to ABB’s QCS and DCS, enabling process alarms and quicker corrective actions to quality issues.
Smart classification of defects Using the WIS smart clustering feature, defects are automatically organized into meaningful groups that can then be used to precisely adjust the parameters of your process.
Integration with Web Monitoring ABB’s Web Monitoring System can be fully integrated with WIS.  Using a consistent interface, operators can view and analyze defects, as well as synchronize video from upstream sheet break cameras.

Fully integrating WIS and WMS has a proven track record of providing mills with quick payback, helping significantly reduce sheet breaks while improving asset performance, efficiency and quality.

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