Low Voltage Circuit Breakers

ABB has developed different retrofit kit versions to cover all possible customer scenarios:

  • We can have a Standard solution: when the installed device is very old or in bad condition, Hard Bus Retrofill can be the best retrofit solution, available for both fixed and withdrawable versions.
  • Or we can have Advanced solutions: this scenario can only be possible if the fixed part of the breaker is in good condition.


This solution is available for withdrawable circuit-breakers only.

To summarize, we have three different types of Low Voltage Retrofit Kits: Hard Bus Retrofill (this is our standard solution); Cradle in Cradle and Direct Replacement that are our most advanced solutions to upgrade a low voltage switchgear. 

With Hard Bus Retrofill the existing circuit-breaker is completely disassembled (both fixed and moving parts in the case of withdrawable circuit-breakers) and replaced with a more modern ABB circuit-breaker and corresponding adapter kit. 
The adapter kit contains specially designed, preconfigured busbars and covers for connecting the new circuit-breaker to the existing busbars.

Cradle in Cradle is an advanced retrofitting solution for circuit-breakers with very large fixed parts. 
A second customized fixed part of the new circuit-breaker can be fitted inside the fixed part of the existing one.  
The 2 fixed parts become one single assembly.  
A new breaker moving part can then be racked-in, in the standard way. 
The fixed part of the new circuit-breaker is fully adapted and factory tested.

With Direct Replacement the Emax 2 moving part is modified and customized to fit the existing fixed part, which remains unchanged. 
Installation involves racking out the old breaker and racking in the new technology. 
This is the most advanced solution, with the most convenient and quickest installation procedure.


Replacing old medium and low voltage components with newer versions can be done using our special retrofit kits which enable quick installation without structural modifications to the original compartment.

Modernizing assets through retrofits can be implemented in stages to optimize capital expenditure over time and minimize downtime based on scheduled installations and planned maintenance.

Air circuit breakers

Moulded case circuit breakers

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