Container Vessels

Two examples of system grids for container vessels

Container vessel example with AC solutions

Container feeder vessel can be equipped with ABB's AC system and shaft generator system. By using the energy efficient main engine to generate electrical power (PTO) to extend the auxiliary generator lifecycle and improve EEDI performance. The system can boost the main propulsion shaft (PTI), and also provide power take home (PTH) for an extra ship safety redundancy.  


Container vessel example with Onboard DC Grid™

The container feeder vessel can also be equipped with the modular power system platform, Onboard DC Grid™. In the example above, the container vessel contains two different power sources, including both a high power fuel cell system and an energy storage system. This allows for both a hybrid-electric grid as well as a fully electric one. The vessel can both be equipped with our shaft generator or, for increased maneuverability as well as energy efficiency, the Azipod® propulsion system, like shown above.


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