Low voltage products for HVAC

Heating and cooling are more than a luxury in today’s world, they are a necessity where we live and work in. Nevertheless, environmental comfort requires a dedicated control of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to ensure that the air we breathe is pure and temperature comfortable.

Discover our best-in-class solutions and innovative product portfolio for full-speed motor starting and protection for HVAC systems to improve availability, ensure energy efficiency, and save time and space installation.

Key values

Continuous operations_

Continuous operation

Ensure higher availability and continuous operation of your HVAC systems with our reliable connections, and coordinated products from a reliable supplier.

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Energy Efficiency

Reduce energy consumption in the control circuit system, thanks to our solutions that can be operated with less power supply, and AF technology that ensures less heat dissipation and a reduction in temperature rise.



Easy installation

Reduce control panel assembly time and save on labor costs with our wide range of easy-to-use accessories and connection sets.



Save space in the control panel of your HVAC system thanks to our solutions with the most compact design that easily fits into your application and allows you to reduce control panel dimensions and costs.


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