Simplified Electrification Smart Power Service

Service for low-voltage products

With a network that spans the world, we are focused on addressing customers’ service needs.
ABB plays a proactive role in driving change that generates value for customers, by keeping their assets reliable, more and more connected and digitalized, by extending life cycles and by protecting their investments while efficiently managing their electrification systems as well.

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A ABB Ability, Advanced Services, Authorized Value Provider


C – Cradle in Cradle (Retrofit Kits), Cleaning and disinfecting substances

D – Direct replacement (Retrofit Kits), Dalmine, Italy, factory for low voltage breakers Service (video)

EEkip UP, Emax 2, Extended Warranty, ABB Ability EDCS, Experience center in Bergamo, Italy, Sace Emax, Engineering and Consulting, End of life services

H – Hard bus retrofill (Retrofit Kits),

IInstallation and commissioning, Sace Isol, Sace Isomax

LLife Cycle Management, Sace Limitor

MMaintenance, Sace Megamax, Sace Modul, Mylearning

N – Sace New Emax, Sace Novomax,

O – Sace Otomax,

PPredictive maintenance, ABB PowerCare, Press Releases, Podcast 1, Podcast 2, Podcast 3, Podcast 4, Podcast 5, Podcast 6, Podcast 7, Podcast 8, Podcast 9, Podcast 10, Podcast 11

RReplacement, Retrofit Kits, Retrofit Kit SelectorRemote Assistance (RAISE)

S Selectivity, Spare parts and consumables, Service agreements,

Success cases:

New ABB UK service facility to enable faster response time for EV Charging, Renewables and Electrification

ABB upgrades electrical infrastructure of Shanghai’s Hongkou Football Stadium

ABB launches Industry 4.0 upgrade kit for Masterpact M circuit breaker

ABB expands range of smart circuit breaker retrofit kits

ABB circuit breakers reduce critical downtime for major Singapore hospital

UAE utility authority chooses ABB’s Ekip UP to upgrade competitor's circuit breakers

New ABB digital maintenance manager cuts electrical servicing costs and boosts reliability by up to 30 percent

ABB’s Emax 2 retrofit kits giving old power plants new lease of life

ABB manufactures 10,000th LV circuit breaker Retrofit Kit

TTechnical Support and Repairs, Training, T-max T, T-max XT, Test laboratory



New ABB UK Service facility in UK

Stokholm wastewater treatment plant make a clear switch

Maintenance from Abb low voltage circuit breakers

Direct replacement type Retrofit kit Megamax / Emax 2

Retrofitting kit, Direct replacement for Megamax and Novomax to new Emax

Direct Replacement Emax & New Emax to Emax 2

Remote Assistance for electrical systems (RAISE)

WWeb pages ABB Low voltage products service all you need know in one place

XXiamen advanced innovation manufacturing hub, inclusive of Service


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