Системы контроля качества для целлюлозно-бумажной промышленности

Производство бумаги — один из самых сложных процессов в современной промышленности. Чтобы добиться требуемого качества бумаги и скорости производства, необходимы новейшие технологии измерений и контроля. ABB предлагает множество решений, которые обеспечивают соответствие технологических операций требованиям, улучшают показатели выпуска, повышают энергоэффективность и снижают затраты. Система контроля качества — главный компонент интегрированного пакета решений ABB Ability™ Quality Management System (QMS), состоящего из продуктов и решений для оптимизации контроля качества.

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System integration
ABB Quality Control Solutions are implemented on the System 800xA control platform. It enables you to view operator displays, control status, process data, machine drawings and other useful information, including paper quality control, drives, pulp mill control and stock preparation controls.

“With the changes ABB made throughout our mill, I am very happy to say we are getting the results we wanted. We are lucky to have all our information technology supplied by ABB.”

ABB Scanning Platforms are the industry’s strongest and smartest scanners, providing the process information necessary to optimize product.

“We nailed every one of our ROIs on our projects with ABB. What ABB commits to, they deliver.”

Today’s profiling solutions require tighter zone spacing, higher precision, accurate mapping and creative control solutions. ABB’s focus on quality using our new xP (eXtended Profiling) actuators, provides accuracy and precision required by today’s challenging control applications.

“Caliper and gloss profiles must be perfect. ABB gloss profilers made the development of new grades possible.”

ABB’s Quality Control Solutions offer papermakers the most precise Machine-Direction/Cross-Direction measurement separation, the most reliable multivariable Machine-Direction Controls, leading-edge Cross-Direction Control features and powerful color control applications.

“ABB CD solutions with LV control perform very well. The resulting profile uniformity is consistent and stable.”

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