Certified Hardware for System 800xA

Ensure interoperability, stable operation and lower cost of ownership.

ABB is committed to open inter-connectivity of automation and power solutions from major 3rd party brands to provide continuous productivity improvement for your system. 3rd party products went through intensive testing and are considered as certified for certain system versions. Initial certification is done for the latest available system version and re-certified for every coming LTS system version if still available for sales.

Certified active products available for sale


Certified Hardware - Overview
New coming/ Recertification



Vendor - Model nameUse caseFormat800xA versionLife EndRemark
Advantech - ARK-3520L SilentSFF6.0.3.x, 6.1.0.x, 6.1.1.xDec-2024

Advantech - DS-085

B&R - PC 910 (i7) PowerSFF6.0.3.x, 6.1.0.xDec-2026 
B&R - PC 910 (i3)StandardSFF6.0.3.x, 6.1.0.x, 6.1.1.xDec-2026 
B&R - PC 910 (i3)SilentSFF6.0.3.x, 6.1.0.x, 6.1.1.xDec-2026 
DELL - T5820XL PowerTower6.0.3.x, 6.1.0.x, 6.1.1.xTBC
DELL - Precision 3460XEStandardSFF6.1.1.xTBC 
DELL - XE4SilentSFF6.1.1.xTBCMarine certified
HP Z2G9StandardSFF6.1.1.xTBC 
HP Z4G5PowerTower6.1.1.xTBCMarine certified
Lenovo - P520cPowerTower6.0.3.x, 6.1.0.x, 6.1.1.xMar-2024
Lenovo P360 TinyStandardMini6.1.1.xDec-2025Marine certified
Lenovo - P360 uSFFStandardSFF6.1.1.xJun-2027 
WeyTec - V3 StandardSFF6.1.1.xTBC
Datarespons CE-CL-0x*SilentMini6.1.1.xTBCMarine certified




Vendor - Model nameUse caseFormat800xA versionLife EndRemark
DELL - R640XL Power1U6.0.3.x; 6.1.0.x; 6.1.1.xTBCOnly via Arrow
DELL - R740XL Power2U6.0.3.x; 6.1.0.x; 6.1.1.xTBCOnly via Arrow
DELL - R350XEStandard1U6.1.1.xTBC 
DELL - R650XSPower1U6.1.1.xTBC 
DELL - R750XSPower2U6.1.1.xTBC 
DELL - T550PowerTower6.1.1.xTBC 
HP - DL360 Gen 10 Power1U6.0.3.x; 6.1.0.x, 6.1.1.xMay-2024 
HP - DL380 Gen 10 Power2U6.0.3.x; 6.1.0.x, 6.1.1.xMay-2024 
HP - DL360 Gen 10+Power1U6.1.1.xAug-2024 
HP - DL380 Gen 10+Power2U6.1.1.xAug-2024 
Lenovo - SR250 V2Standard1U6.1.1.xDec-2024 
Lenovo - SR630 V2Power1U6.1.1.xDec-2024 
Lenovo - SR650 V2Power2U6.1.1.xDec-2024 


* Newly certified

TBC - To be clarified


PCs in this list are approved for testing, which does not necessary mean they will be certified. Planned date may change without further notice.

* Marine Certified

TBC - To be clarified


Vendor - Model Name800xA versionOperating systemPlannedLife EndRemark
HP - Z2G9
6.2.0.xWin 10 IoT LTSC 2021Q1/Q2-2024TBC 
HP - Z4G5*6.2.0.xWin 10 IoT LTSC 2021Q1/Q2-2024TBC 
B&R - PC9106.2.0.xWin 10 IoT LTSC 2021Q1/Q2-2024TBCStandard/Silent
DELL - T5860XL6.1.1.x, 6.2.0.xWin 10 IoT LTSC 2021Q1/Q2-2024TBC 
Lenovo - P360 Tiny*6.1.1.x, 6.2.0.xWin 10 IoT LTSC 2021Q1/Q2-2024TBC 
Lenovo - P360 uSFF6.1.1.x, 6.2.0.xWin 10 IoT LTSC 2021Q1/Q2-2024TBC 
Lenovo - P56.1.1.x, 6.2.0.xWin 10 IoT LTSC 2021Q1/Q2-2024TBC 



Vendor - Model Name800xA versionOperating systemPlannedLife EndRemark
DELL - T560
6.2.0.xWin Server 2022Q1/Q2-2024TBC 
DELL - R3606.1.1.x, 6.2.0.xWin Server 2022Q1/Q2-2024TBC 
DELL - R660XL (xs)6.2.0.xWin Server 2022Q1/Q2-2024TBC 
DELL - R760XL (xs)6.2.0.xWin Server 2022Q1/Q2-2024TBC 
HP - DL360 Gen 116.1.1.x, 6.2.0.xWin Server 2022Q1/Q2-2024TBC 
HP - DL380 Gen 116.1.1.x, 6.2.0.xWin Server 2022Q1/Q2-2024TBC 
Lenovo - SR250 V36.1.1.x, 6.2.0.xWin Server 2022Q1/Q2-2024TBC 
Lenovo - SR630 V36.1.1.x, 6.2.0.xWin Server 2022Q1/Q2-2024TBC 
Lenovo - SR650 V36.1.1.x, 6.2.0.xWin Server 2022Q1/Q2-2024TBC 



Type of performed tests
Why to order via Arrow?

Stability Test
Diagnostics and auditing application AIDA 64 is used to increase load on server/workstation (VM or physical HW) up to 100% for 2 hours to verify that after load everything is back to normal, server/workstation works as expected and did not crash in process 

Short Term Test
800xA testing application is started and configured to display live data and values in various faceplates and trend displays. Data are reviewed after 24 hours to verify that values are displayed correctly, there are no performance peaks, memory leaks, etc. 

Long Term Test
Various procedures to simulate power and network outages are performed over several days. Server/workstation should automatically connect and display data/values after the outage. 

Display Exchange Test
Various faceplates and trend displays automatically open and close in 10 second intervals for 1 hour to verify there are no memory leaks and application is stable. 

As a global distributor, Arrow supports ABB with offering hardware and software products from main OEM suppliers with benefits below.

Workstations coming with:

- pre-configured and updated BIOS/UEFI
- installed drivers
- customized operating system for System 800xA
- installed 800xA prerequisites
- installed 800xA Qualified Security Updates
- installed Node Preparation Tool

To use Arrow as a distributor you will gain:

- A global web portal / on line catalogue for 800xA certified hardware
- Fixed prices for products in the portal
- A single point of contact for hardware and software needed for 800xA projects
- Dedicated resources for ABB
- Offering special quote requests if needed
- Easy order handling (one shop)
- Global distribution 

Other advantages:

- computers are labelled
- partly configurable 

1. Who is responsible for hardware testing and certification?
For System 800xA it is PCP Global Product Sales Support team from 2019.

2. Can we use different PC model that is not in the list of certified HW?
In general for System 800xA projects can use any model that fulfills System 800xA minimum hardware requirements (depends on the PCs use case and target 800xA version), for 6.1.1 listed in System Guide in section 2.18.4 Hardware Infrastructure.

What product team recommends though is to choose PC that is tested and certified for System 800xA, whole list can be found on Certified Hardware web sites. You can find there also list of PCs that are scheduled to be tested in coming period. By using certified PCs you´ll get an ABB support once something goes wrong which cannot be guaranteed if projects use their own selected models.

3. Can certified configuration be modified? Can we add RAM, SSDs, Ethernet ports, etc.?
Parameters that cannot be changed are chipset and motherboard, but you are free to add disk space or memory 

4. Based on the current information on the PCP portal it seems that you will perform testing on 3rd digit of system versions, e.g. version 6.1.0.x, 6.1.1x, etc. What is the philosophy?
Usually the last digit doesn’t have an influence on the test and the product can be used with any sub version.

5. Why do you test different 800xA system versions?
Our goal is to test PCs on 1.) all active LTS version, 2.) currently released main version, 3.) optionally we even do it for coming main release.

6. Do you test and certify also other 3rd party equipment like network switches, thin clients, laptops, etc.?
Currently we focus only on testing workstations and servers.

7. Some of our projects requires marine approved equipment. How do we know which ones are Marine certified?
See Certified Hardware – Overview list 

8. We need to certify PC that is not in the list, whom to contact?
For any suggestions or requirements please contact your local Area ABB Sales/Service Manager.  

9. For which application are the computers tested? For engineering or operator client?
All workstations that we have we test as an Operator station, the ones with minimum of 16 GB of RAM are tested as Engineering station or Standalone system.

10. Will 800xA 6.1.0.x be certified/tested with Windows 10 Enterprise/Server Standard 2019 LTSC?
  • System 800xA 6.1.0.x will NOT be certified/tested with Windows 10 Enterprise/Server Standard 2019 LTSC. Please check 800xA 3rd party manual for Operating system support for 800xA 6.1. 

  • Win 10 2019 LTSC/Server 2019 will be supported from 800xA 6.1.1.. 

11. Why there are two SSDs in basic configuration? Are they meant to be configured in RAID 1 or are they meant to be system and data drives?
  • If used as Operator station, one SSD is enough 

  • If used as Engineering station, we recommend 2 SSDs (either RAID or DATA) 

  • If used as Standalone machine, it is mandatory to use 2 SSDs (in RAID) for security reason. 

12. Do you have some Workstations or Servers with AMD processors?
Only Intel processors are currently used with computers certified for System 800xA.

13. What is End of Life (EoL) and End of Sale (EoS)?
End of Life is date when the lifecycle of certain product or part comes to an end. It is usually announced way in advance (can be years, depends on vendor). End of Sale is date from which the product or part can no longer be purchased, but is still supported and maintained by vendor. It is usually announced 6 months prior to End of Life (depends on vendor).

14. How long the support could be extended for the servers and workstations after the published End of Sale?
You can buy up to 5 years ProSupport.
Expired Warranty Hardware Support: Even after your warranty has expired, Dell can repair systems with a one-time hardware repair service. Find diagnostics tools, contact a service expert, or find one-time repair options here.

General support is 5 years after end-of-sales for both servers and workstations.

First normal care packs (up to 3 years), then Post Warranty Allows extending an 'expiring' product warranty or an 'expiring' registered HP Care Pack service by 1 year or 2 years. So 4-5 years in total.

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