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Life cycle management for low voltage switchgear

A life cycle of low voltage switchgear is typically between 20 - 30 years dependent of the environment and operation of the installation. To reach this life time periodic assessments as part of a maintenance program are recommended practice.

The assessment tools from ABB low voltage systems Service help customer to analyze the switchgear in the life cycle and propose the right service actions such as upgrades and replacement of the electrical components. Such a program can extend the life cycle and the switchgear structure can remain in service for another 10 to 15 years.

In ABB we have established process to manage the product life cycle. Product life cycle management or LCM is a term used for the process of managing the entire lifecycle of a product from its conception, through design and manufacture to service. LCM is a set of capabilities that enable an enterprise to effectively and efficiently innovate and manage its products and related services throughout the entire business lifecycle.  

Our service and Life Cycle plan will:

  • Ensure the longest possible operational life time of the switchgear
  • Greatly reduce the possibility of overheating and electrical arcs
  • Reduce operational down time
  • Ensure that the switchgear meets the required level of personnel safety
  • Keep the customer informed about recommended upgrades
  • Give the lowest total cost of ownership over the life time of the switchgear.

For our ABB low voltage circuit breaker range of products, use following link for more details on breaker LCM and replacement possibilities. 

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