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TREBI Srl Unipersonale

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Via Industriale, 2/4/6
25060 Cellatica
Via Industriale, 2/4/6
25060 Cellatica
Via Industriale, 2/4/6
25060 Cellatica
Address in Local language:
Via Industriale, 2/4/6
25060 Cellatica
Phone: +390303732317

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Product Robotics
Partnership ABB Value Provider
Channel type System Integrator
Countries Served Italy
Expertise Metal Fabrication
Product Line
Articulated Robots

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Trebi is a young and dynamic company, born in 1985. Trebi designs and builds cutting and deburring cell mainly for foundries.

TREBI’s name springs from a family concept that has remained the company’s core value over the years, and which holds true today more than ever. We work every single day on a concept that is laser-focused on improving the life of each and every one of our customers in the manufacturing sector.

TREBI’s story begins with the production of robotic systems for faucet grinding.

Since 2000s, TREBI has been investing in research and development in a new sector: that of aluminium foundries, which has particularly complex finishing requirements, both in terms of precision, as well as cycle time and reliability.

TREBI has decided to develop a specific system. The system is comprised of monoblock machines, specific work units, control software and the continuous training of the technicians who work on the machines.

The company's vocation is to design constantly more precise, more efficient, more robust, and more advanced solutions.

For this reason, TREBI strongly wants its research and development activities to be kept in-house as well as its design, manufacturing of every piece, mechanical and electrical assembly and post-sales service.

This choice makes it possible to remarkably broaden the experience of TREBI technicians, which for the customer, means machines that are being constantly improved.

TREBI’s system is the most efficient and effective solution on the market for robotic cutting and deburring systems.

For electrification customers please refer to the ABB Value Provider page.