AC charging made easy with latest ABB E-mobility apps

AC charging made easy with latest ABB E-mobility apps

Aside from industry-leading hardware and unparalleled support and maintenance structures, ABB E-mobility’s range of Terra AC charging solutions is set apart by its cutting-edge software capabilities.  

Advanced functionality is little use, however, without reliable, intuitive ways to access it, which is where the ABB E-mobility ChargerSync and TerraConfig apps come into their own. With a new suite of updates making both apps even more helpful and accessible than before, we take a look at how their latest features can benefit owners and engineers alike.  


A reliable and convenient tool for EV drivers to control and customize their charging sessions, ChargerSync makes charging an EV a seamless experience. Designed to operate exclusively with ABB E-mobility Terra AC charging solutions, ChargerSync’s extended set of digital features work via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 4G and Ethernet connectivity to make charging simple and efficient regardless of the user’s experience level.   

Already available with digital tools providing the ability to manage one or more Terra wallboxes from a single account; start and stop a charging session with just one tap; view real-time charging status and the cost of a current charging session; define a schedule to start and stop charging sessions automatically; and balance the energy use of a Terra wallbox with the needs of other domestic appliances, the new ChargerSync update provides a host of additional improvements.  

Remote control functionality now allows users to start or stop their charging sessions and access their charging information from anywhere with an internet connection. Charger sharing empowers wallbox owners to set free vending schedules, safely sharing their charger with family, friends or visitors without using an app or RFID card. Company car tagging makes it easier than ever to retrieve and easily export reimbursement reports for company car charging sessions and new global support provides assistance in over 25 languages and 100 currencies.  

What’s more, the option to receive notifications as soon as wallbox updates, such as the latest firmware upgrade, become available, gives users the peace of mind that they’re always receiving the best experience possible.     

All of these features and more help users to unlock the full power of ABB E-mobility’s Terra AC charging solutions with the tap of a screen, making it simpler than ever to get the most out of EV ownership.            


While ChargerSync allows users to easily access the many helpful functions of their Terra AC charging solution, TerraConfig provides a practical and efficient tool for qualified electricians to configure and maintain the systems in the field.    

The TerraConfig app saves time and improves efficiency by clearly guiding technicians on the ground through the necessary installation steps. Already allowing qualified installers to simply and easily finish the commissioning of their clients’ charging solutions, conduct initial configuration and undertake certain maintenance tasks, the recent update further improves the app’s functionality with the addition of global support in over 25 languages and a dark mode as well as several key new features.  

Self-sign up means new users can activate their account directly through the app for the first time, with no need to reach out their ABB supplier. Configuration template files can now be saved, shared and reused, enabling the set-up of multiple chargers in reduced time, while multiple chargers can also be set-up and commissioned at once, greatly streamlining the process. Finally, a custom OCPP server can now be added directly, allowing for immediate installation and configuration.    

Thanks to the TerraConfig app and its latest range of convenient updates, installers and technicians can quickly and easily receive the help they need in the field, streamline the set-up process and reduce the time taken to get ABB E-mobility’s Terra AC charging solutions up and running, not only improving efficiency, but customer satisfaction too.


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