Centralized protection and control: a smart, new solution for distribution substations

Centralized protection and control: a smart, new solution for distribution substations

• New technology can help Vietnamese utility and industrial operators overcome challenges of the power network complexity
• ABB Ability™ Smart Substation Control and Protection for electrical systems SS600 is now available on the Vietnamese market
• ABB’s centralized protection and control solutions help customers to maximize asset utilization and flexibility while minimizing cost

The demand for intelligent devices in substations has increased. This is mainly due to the changes that have taken place in the energy landscape. We are seeing increasing amounts of distributed energy resources over the last few years, such as solar and wind, being connected to the electrical grid to meet the government’s sustainability targets. The only viable solution for integrating these renewable resources to the grid is via automation. As a result, different electronic devices from different vendors are filling up space in substations. This introduces a maintenance challenge as all these different devices need constant care.

ABB in Vietnam is now launching ABB AbilityTM Smart Substation Control and Protection for electrical systems SSC600, an innovative, centralized approach to protection and control in distribution networks. Although representing a new way of thinking, SSC600 builds on ABB’s solid and proven technological foundation manifested in the renowned Relion® protection and control relay family.

Combining SSC600 with other ABB products and solutions offers a new way of looking at substation life cycle management. The SSC600 advanced connectivity capabilities enable seamless integration with additional services.

SSC600 offers extensive application coverage with a single device for convenient station-wide visibility, minimal engineering, easy and cost-efficient process management, and advanced life cycle management for digital substations. Combining SSC600 with merging units, which provide the measurements and physical interface between the primary equipment in the switchgear and SSC600, creates a unique, IEC 61850-compliant, centralized protection and control solution.

Centralizing all protection and control functionality in a single, IEC 61850-compliant device on substation level, SSC600 helps reduce network complexity and supports optimal, lifelong asset management for the digital substation.

ABB AbilityTM Smart Substation Control and Protection for electrical systems SSC600, an innovative, centralized approach to protection and control in distribution networks

“Vietnam is experiencing accelerating urbanization and trends such as renewables, data centers because of digitalization and the surge in digital data demand, and also E-mobility which evolves growing demand for improved reliability and availability of power supply and greater adaption to the changing network protection requirements.”said Hien DoanVan, President, Electrification Distribution Solutions, ABB Vietnam. “The introduction of ABB’s SSC600 in Vietnam comes at a vital time to meet the market’s needs for greater efficiency, flexibility and scalability. It represents a modern and cost-effective way to detect, locate and isolate faults for the benefit of our customers. Furthermore, adding new functionality to meet future network requirements is easy”.

The modular software allows customization at the initial ordering stage and flexible modification for the lifetime of the digital substation. SSC600 is ready to evolve alongside the grid to adapt to changing protection requirements. Continuous access to new software developments guarantees an always up-to-date substation system. The advantage of only having to modify one device instead of all bay-level protection and control devices makes upgrading the entire substation system easier than ever.

Taking the concept of centralized protection for distribution substations to the next level, ABB’s SS600 device is now also available as a standalone software version, SSC600 SW. The virtualized product enables customers to use the hardware of their choice and gain access to same proven protection and control functionality as with ABB’s turnkey solution.

  • ABB's launching event for SSC600 in Vietnam
  • Anssi Kukkonen, ABB's Global Technical Specialist, Smart Substation, introduced SSC600, a smart, new solution for distribution substations
  • Harlem Tsai, ABB's Regional Sales Manager, Smart Substation, South Asia introduced REX640, all-in-one protection for advanced power generation and distribution applications
  • ABB's launching event for SSC600 in Vietnam
  • ABB's launching event for SSC600 in Vietnam
  • ABB's launching event for SSC600 in Vietnam
  • ABB's launching event for SSC600 in Vietnam
  • ABB's launching event for SSC600 in Vietnam

ABB has for decades been driving the development of advanced protection, supervision, control and management products and systems for the entire power delivery process. In Vietnam, ABB has a solid history in partnering with customers in utilities and across industries to ensure 24/7 power supply, enhance energy efficiency and optimize operation. Projects include diverse 500/220/100kV substations that feed the national power network, substations supplying prioritized loads for government’s important buildings and infrastructure, Nui Phao Mining, Tan Thang Cement, Heineken breweries and other numerous reputable companies across economic sectors.

ABB is a technology leader in electrification and automation, enabling a more sustainable and resource-efficient future. The company’s solutions connect engineering know-how and software to optimize how things are manufactured, moved, powered and operated. Building on more than 130 years of excellence, ABB’s ~105,000 employees are committed to driving innovations that accelerate industrial transformation. www.abb.com

Electrifying the world in a safe, smart and sustainable way, ABB Electrification is a global technology leader in electrical distribution and management from source to socket. As the world’s demand for electricity grows, our 50,000+ employees across 100 countries collaborate with customers and partners to transform how people connect, live and work. We develop innovative products, solutions and digital technologies that enable energy efficiency and a low carbon society across all sectors. By applying global scale with local expertise, we shape and support global trends, deliver excellence for customers and power a sustainable future for society. For more information visit https://go.abb/electrification

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