All about infrastructure in the US

All about infrastructure in the US

America is embarking on a once-in-a-generation investment in infrastructure. A combination of public and private investment driven by megatrends like the energy transition, smart technologies, and the strengthening of domestic supply chains is driving billions of dollars into a wide range of industries. As a key supplier to many of these, ABB has a firsthand view of this historic initiative. This week we recognize infrastructure’s importance with a series of articles, webinars and other content.  

It’s an exciting time. Everything in the “infrastructure” tent is being built, refurbished, or upgraded—and it’s a big tent. For example, data center operators can access funds for standalone energy storage devices, so while the equipment involved is certainly physical, the “infrastructure” in this case is virtual.  

Still more money is aimed at leaking water systems and our aging power grid. In both cases there are myriad solutions available that can increase efficiency, reduce waste and boost the reliability of the network, whether wires or pipes. We explain how utilities in particular can access the available funds in a recent white paper.  

And let’s not forget transportation. Investments in that sector are set to go far beyond EVs to include electrified ferries, charging systems for heavy trucks, and shoreside power connections for ships.  

There is hardly a sliver of the economy that will not be impacted by this tsunami of investment. Improvements in infrastructure benefit the businesses and institutions that are built on that foundation—and that touches just about everyone.


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