ABB supports greenfield battery manufacturers with fast-tracking projects

ABB supports greenfield battery manufacturers with fast-tracking projects

With the world’s future emission reduction depending on the manufacturing of batteries every government and every industry is working towards a net zero goal. This requires a green energy transition – in which electrification is essential. And as the globe electrifies, the demand for batteries will continue to rise.

Research shows that global demand for Li-ion batteries will grow by around 27 per cent each year – increasing from 700GWh in 2022 to a projected 4.7 TWh by 20301

Whilst battery manufacturers face considerable production challenges,  five challenges are the most widely reported—with production efficiency leading the list.

  1. Improving quality while reducing off-spec material
  2. Enhancing throughput and maximizing OEE
  3. Managing cost pressures with decreasing battery prices
  4. Moving from start-up through scale up
  5. Ensuring safety and environmental responsibility
ABB helps design, equip, and operationalize plants, helping improve project execution while also ensuring safety, efficiency, and flexibility at every stage of the lifecycle.

At ABB North America, we offer battery manufacturers with an integrated offering which is built upon a solid foundation comprising electrification, Instrumentation, control and digital (EICD) integration, ABB Adaptive Execution™, and Ongoing operations. By helping you preserve schedules and reduce project changes, ABB helps you achieve the fastest time to market while reducing complexity, risk, and cost.

Building the necessary manufacturing capabilities to meet these burgeoning demands requires both speed and agility to ensure battery cell production stays on pace. With ABB’s Plant Optimization Methodology delivers optimized design, project execution excellence, and efficient and integrated operations for battery manufacturers.  

This means reduced project changes, complexity, risk, and cost to ensure the fastest time to market.  

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