Crafting Excellence: ABB's Design Milestone in High-Efficiency Motors

Crafting Excellence: ABB's Design Milestone in High-Efficiency Motors

In the dynamic landscape of motor technology, we remain at the forefront, continually pushing boundaries with pioneering innovations that redefine industry norms. Guided by a team of dedicated professionals, we recently surpassed customer expectations, achieving our second-best recorded design efficiency.

Our AMS 1250 6-pole synchronous motor, delivered to a customer in Japan, achieved an impressive efficiency of 98.95%, closely approaching the world record of 99.05% also set by an ABB AMS 1250 6-pole motor. Efficiency is calculated as the ratio of mechanical power output to electric power input. Prior to delivery, a test conducted on the 26.4-megawatt motor revealed an efficiency exceeding the guaranteed 98.55% in the contract by 0.40 percent.

While a 0.4% improvement in efficiency may seem marginal, it translates into significant benefits during the product's lifecycle. This improvement results in electricity savings of up to 17,600 MWh and approximately 20 million Swedish kronor in electricity costs over the machine's 25-year lifetime. To put this into perspective, the electricity saved could power 682 Swedish households for a year and sustain a city the size of Västerås for 4.2 days. Additionally, it reduces CO2 emissions by 334 tons per machine compared to the offered machine efficiency.

Historically, AMS 1250 and similar high-voltage motors have been known for their high efficiency, ranging from 98.71% to 98.81% on average. Our latest accomplishment underscores our dedication to innovative design and exceeding client expectations.

Numerous factors contributed to the motor's outstanding performance, including optimized design, integration of frequency converters, and meticulous material and supplier selection. This success is a result of collaborative efforts across our teams, starting with our sales team at ABB Japan, led by Yu Takase and supported by Hiroshi Hayashi, Pritesh Dalal, and Shuichi Umezaki.

Anu Tuomaala, the team leader of our sales team in Sweden, has also been instrumental in this success. The execution of this project was made possible by our electrical design team, led by Johannes Ornkloo and Georgios Karmiris, with support from Rickard Larsson and Md. Rayhan.

This milestone in high-efficiency motor technology not only signifies an engineering triumph but also emphasizes the power of innovation and collaboration. It serves as a reminder that ABB not only delivers exceptional motors but is also committed to electrifying the world in a safe, clever, and sustainable manner.

Article written by Nathalie Garavito, Sustainability Manager, Large Motors and Generators, ABB.

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