Hydrogen Americas Summit to focus on advancing U.S. clean hydrogen hubs

Hydrogen Americas Summit to focus on advancing U.S. clean hydrogen hubs

ABB experts to share automation and electrification insights into achieving cost-effective, large-scale hydrogen production

Advocates, industry drivers, policy makers, and hydrogen suppliers are set to assemble June 11-12, 2024 at the Hydrogen Americas Summit in Washington DC to discuss barriers and opportunities for advancing clean hydrogen hubs in the United States. 

Clean hydrogen has emerged as a necessity to aid the decarbonization of hard to abate sectors in order to achieve energy security targets and net zero. This event serves as a platform for the global hydrogen community to establish key partnerships, access the latest policy and projects, and secure new business deals to drive the industry forward.

A silver sponsor of this event, ABB will have representatives present, forging and furthering relationships with those on hand and sharing their insights in several ways. Below are some ways you can connect with them at this year's summit and learn how ABB is helping companies make real progress in this energy transition.

Summit panel to feature technology advances helping to make real progress

Don’t miss the panel discussion, “Electrolyser Technology Developments: Showcasing World Class Excellence in Technology,” on Tuesday, June 11th at 3:15 pm. Hear from Dr. Matteo Fabbri, Head of ABB’s High Power Rectifier Business in North America, and other panelists as they contribute their thoughts and perspectives on: 

  • Scaling up electrolysis for large scale adoption  
  • Collaboration to drive innovation: Driving development and sales of electrolyzer components  
  • Lowering costs for clean hydrogen production 
  • Challenges for the Power Grid when scaling up electrolysis 
  • Meeting key challenges in the built environment with clean tech innovation  

ABB to present large-scale hydrogen considerations in H2 Tech Series presentation

The H2 Tech Series is a collection of technical presentations running parallel to the Summit Sessions on the exhibition floor. Hear directly from hydrogen experts presenting their company’s latest technologies and solutions to bring forth a hydrogen ecosystem.

ABB hydrogen expert, Akshitha Manivannan, will present the topic, “Powering GigaWatt Size Green H2 Facilities - Economies of Scale,” on June 12th at 10:30 am. In this session, she will supply an analysis of the electrification and DC power supply for a hydrogen facility based on 40MW vs 10MW electrolyser modules with reference to equipment cost, footprint, installation, efficiency and more.

Learn more about ABB hydrogen technologies in the exhibition

Stop by booth B36 to connect with ABB hydrogen experts and hear how ABB is working with suppliers across the hydrogen value chain to overcome many of the industry’s technical challenges with automation, electrification, and digitalization.

For example, ABB provides high power rectifiers that supply DC power up to 2000 V and 120 kA per unit to drive large electrolysis processes. The company can also equip you with the necessary plant electrification and distribution infrastructure from high to low voltage. In addition to that, ABB provides energy management software and grid integration studies to enable the integration of renewable energy sources.


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