ABB Showcases the Power of Collaboration at New York Auto Show

Working With the State’s Power Agencies and Utilities, ABB Advances the E-Mobility Transformation

The e-mobility revolution depends on cutting-edge technology. As ABB demonstrates the innovative e-mobility technology at the 2019 New York International Auto Show, this revolution also depends on cooperation with manufacturers, utilities, and government.

Filling the exhibition halls of New York City’s sprawling convention center are nearly 1,000 of the newest car and truck models offered by global automakers, among them a dazzling selection of fully electric vehicles destined to be increasingly popular in coming years. The show runs through April 28.

An exhibit showcasing e-mobility collaboration, the Charge NY display, features technology leader ABB and a team of New York State agencies and utilities. Visitors to the auto show – a million people are expected during the show’s 10-day run – will clearly see how ABB is working with its customers to bring e-mobility to the city that never sleeps.

“To make people comfortable with purchasing an electric vehicle, a number of factors must coordinate, from the power grid to the car to the charging network and driver,” Bob Stojanovic, ABB’s head of EV charging infrastructure for North America, told journalists gathered for a news conference before the show opened to the public. “ABB puts it all together, interfacing with each piece of the puzzle.”

ABB Formula E race car on display at NYIAS
ABB Formula E race car on display at NYIAS

ABB’s exhibit also showcases another element of vehicle electrification: sheer excitement. There’s a Gen2 racecar from the ABB FIA Formula E Championship, the fully electric international competition will conclude the season with a weekend of racing in Brooklyn, New York on July 13 and 14. The racecar illustrates that e-mobility can reach high performance.

Auto show visitors can experience the thrill of the race for themselves. The exhibit has virtual-reality ABB Formula E driving simulators. No one walks away thinking that EVs are boring to drive.

ABB Formula E simulators give you the feel of being in the drivers seat
ABB Formula E simulators give you the feel of being in the drivers seat

ABB’s global leadership in the e-mobility transformation is most visible in the form of the high-power DC charging stations – up to 350 kilowatts – that will make replenishing vehicle batteries a matter of a few minutes’ stop. ABB has been able to integrate several hundreds of stations with its customer’s network operation thanks to its digital offering, ABB Ability™.

With sales of 10,500 DC fast chargers in more than 70 countries, ABB brings unrivaled experience to charging networks like EVgo and Electrify America, which are now installing DC fast chargers along highway corridors and other locations to create the equivalent of gasoline station chains.

Even with those charging networks rapidly deploying around the United States, there are stretches of a large state like New York where gaps in the EV infrastructure can deter the growth of e-mobility. One of the goals of the New York Power Authority, a public power organization, is to fill the gap where the private sector has not yet caught up, according to Bob Lurie, executive vice president of the authority. Its Evolve NY program has committed $250 million to building EV infrastructure and consumer awareness through 2025.

“Transportation is the largest source of carbon emissions – more than 40 percent – in New York State, so our goal is to accelerate EV adoption by removing the barrier of range anxiety through increased charging station availability,” Mr. Lurie explained at the news briefing. “ABB is a key strategic partner across our business, in electricity generation and transmission, and we rely on innovators like them to improve the experience of our customers.”

ConEdison, the utility that serves New York City and part of the surrounding area, is another ABB partner in the EV transformation. At the auto show, ConEdison is informing EV owners directly about the incentives it offers – up to $500 annually plus bonuses – to charge during off-peak hours under the SmartCharge New York initiative.

“Electric transportation is undoubtedly coming, and we’re developing the programs to serve those owners,” Matt Ketschke, senior vice president of customer energy solutions for ConEdison, said. “ABB is a longstanding equipment partner for transmission and distribution, and a provider of engineering support in running our systems,” he noted. ConEdison is moving ahead on fast charging and curbside city charging as well as infrastructure for commercial trucks and electric transit buses, he explained.

Also taking part in the auto show presentation were the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

“We must take a holistic view on e-mobility, all the way to considering where we get the power,” said Anders Sjoelin, ABB’s head of power grids division for North America. “There’s no question that cars will go electric, but to make a difference, the full path of the energy, from source to wheels, the carbon impact must be accounted for.

The EV is at the core of the energy revolution, and it will have an impact on everybody,” Sjoelin said. “By partnering with our customers and technology providers, we are leading this transformation and investing in technologies that allow to decarbonize and digitize the EV infrastructure.”


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