Instrument transformer verification reaches ten thousand at the verification laboratory in Brno, Czech Republic

As of December 2015, we have verified a record ten thousand medium-voltage instrument transformers at the Brno Verification Laboratory (AMS).

Verification Laboratory (AMS) in PPMV Brno (known colloquially as the "callibratory") is authorized by the Offices for Normalization, Metrology and State Testing for conducting state verification ("calibration") of instrument transformers (IT). The center at the Brno unit has been operational since 1970 and the number of verified instrument transformers has been growing long-term along with the number of produced products, which are intended for the Czech Republic as well as for export.


The verification of instrument transformers performed by an authorized technician is one of the mandatory conditions for the use of instrument transformers for consumption measurement in the majority of European countries (another mandatory condition is the metrological certificate for a given type of IT valid in a given country).

Besides verifying instrument transformers for use in the Czech Republic, verification valid in other countries such as Slovakia, Germany, Kazakhstan and Switzerland is also performed in cooperation with the Swiss authorized legal entity of Electrosuisse. In the last year the center has gained authorization for two more countries: Austria and Russia.

Verification onsite where the instrument transformer is made leads to a marked simplification of the process and the saving of expenses and time associated with the delivery of instrument transformers to be verified to the laboratory in the intended country and back for mounting onto circuit breakers.

In the last year, an increase in the number of verified instrument transformers has been seen, The main reason is due to the increased number of verified instrument transformers exported to European countries and also because of the authorization gained for new markets.



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