Relay Retrofit Program now supports more protection relay types

ABB launched the Relay Retrofit Program last year for the smooth and controlled replacement of selectedrelays with modern protection and control relays from the Relion® 615 product series. The program has now been extended and offers support for additional SPACOM product family relays, types SPAU 320 C1 and SPAU 330 C1, as well as Brown Boveri relay types MCX 912 and MCX 913.

With this program, ABB has simplified and accelerated the retrofitting process drastically, reducing the amount of time needed to only an hour - a fraction compared to the traditional approach. The program offers all the devices and tools needed for a successful and timely execution of retrofit projects, ensuring that the downtime of production or power distribution processes is reduced to a bare minimum.

On top of the life cycle extension of medium voltage switchgear installations, retrofitting the protection relays improves the power system's reliability and performance. The selected replacement relays all belong to the Relion 615 series, ensuring an update to modern protection technologies. The 615 series incorporates native support for the IEC 61850 standard for communication in substations and also offer the possibility to expand the functionality of the power protection system, for example, by adding arc flash protection.

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