Upgrading service for protection relays extended to include REF 542plus

Fast and easy replacement of older protection relay versions

The Maintenance Exchange Unit service has been extended to include REF 542plus in addition to RE500 protection relays. The service provides a turnkey solution for replacing older protection relay versions no longer in production with the latest one. As a result, the lifetime of the protection solution is extended and full availability of ABB's life cycle services assured.

The maintenance exchange unit offers the latest hardware and software but is otherwise identical to the old relay version, except for the new larger HMI of REF 542plus. The unit is delivered preconfigured with the existing customer-specific configuration, making the upgrade to the new version easier than ever. There is also an opportunity to add new features and functions to the maintenance exchange unit.

The service includes delivery of the new relay, conversion of the existing configuration file for compatibility with the new relay version, installation and testing, as well as recycling of the old relay. The installation is fast and easy and requires no major new wiring and no configuring, considerably minimizing the shutdown time. For easy, fast and exact machining of the existing REF 542plus panel cutout, a handheld all-in-one cutting tool has also developed.

For more information on the Maintenance Exchange Unit service, please visit the Protection relay upgrade page and the REF 542plus product page.


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