Stoosbahn - the world's steepest funicular

The world’s steepest funicular climbs 1,700 meters from the Schlattli base station in the canton Schwyz in Switzerland to the car-free ski resorts at the Stoos summit station. Unlike cable cars, where passengers sway high above the ground, the funicular’s cabin is hauled along tracks. In the past two years, the funicular climbed the mountain an impressive 30,000 times - powered by ABB.

The Stoosbahn: the steepest funicular railway of its kind in the world – and driven by ABB technology

The Stoosbahn funicular began operations in late 2017, replacing a predecessor built in 1933. On its journey, it passes through three tunnels and crosses two bridges. The extreme longitudinal profile of the route has gradients of up to 110 percent (47.7 degrees), making it quite challenging to move the funicular forward smoothly. ABB accomplished the feat using custom drive motors, mechanical drive systems and a cable. The main drive consists of two specially designed low-voltage motors rated 1.2 MW each connected to two energy-saving AC drives that guarantee stepless speed control. The total power, 2.4 MW, is comparable to that required to drive 250 escalators simultaneously. 


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